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Previous AJC articles on Syria can be found here. By @anarchyroll The most powerful man in the free world. That label is just as much a gift as it is a curse. Its like being born genetically blessed. Yes it has its advantages, that open doors others can only live vicariously through works of fiction. […]

by @anarchyroll 10/2/2014 So is the US at war with Syria or what? This question and the “counter terrorism campaign” that the United States is engaging in with ISIS/ISIL is a teaching lesson for both entire world. The lesson is that the definition of war is different than it was before the year 2000. War […]

by @anarchyroll 5/16/2014 There has been another development in Syria this week and, as has become standard, it is not a positive one. Lakhdar Brahimi; the man tasked with trying to broker a peace treaty or at least a long-standing ceasefire in Syria has resigned. He resigned due to the current Syrian regime not giving […]

by @anarchyroll 3/15/2014 The Syrian conflict recently turned three years old. The anniversary has been marked around the world with #StandwithSyria gatherings and candlelight vigils. The anniversary has been marked in Syria with continued genocide against the civilian population by the military of Bashar Al-Asaad. The conflict in Syria is one in which the numbers […]

by @anarchyroll 2/16/2014 Peace talks were held in Switzerland to try and bring an end to the conflict in Syria that has claimed the lives of 130,000 people and counting since March of 2011. The talks that took place in Geneva, reached an impasse when representatives of Bashar Al-Assad refused to entertain the idea, let […]

by @anarchyroll 2/5/2014 In case you missed it, the United States is NOT going to war with Syria. No planes, boats, or ground troops. Why? Because Secretary of State John Kerry accidently stated at a press conference that Syria could avoid military intervention by the US if they handed over every single chemical weapon they […]

by @anarchyroll I first started paying attention to the civil war in Syria when the body count was 3,000. Back then it wasn’t yet a civil war, there was no Free Syrian Army to begin with, so it hadn’t yet splintered off into seven separate factions. I had heard that essentially the Syrian people were […]

by @anarchyroll After being an academic term for decades, white privilege has come in the mainstream spotlight of the American lexicon in recent months. The Black Lives Matter movement that started in 2012 after the Trayvon Martin murder and subsequent acquittal of his murderer, gained greater attention during the Ferguson and Laquan McDonald race related […]

By @anarchyroll 11/14/15 What is a life worth? Which lives are more valuable than others? What makes a life or a group of lives more valuable than others? There has been so much justified sadness and anger at the terrorist attacks on in Paris. But ISIS has been killing people by the hundreds in the […]

by @anarchyroll 3/13/2014 The situation in the Ukraine has been getting a lot of press, and justifiably so. A potential hot war involving Russia has implications as far reaching as it gets in the political and violence realm. While the situation in the Ukraine has been deteriorating since December, another situation involving civil unrest and […]