Emo AJ? I think Not

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Potato Shooter, Sports Roll
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potatoshooterlogoby @anarchyroll

Stop calling AJ Styles Emo AJ, that hair is clearly Scene.  The emo title is clearly warranted for kayfabe heel Dixie Carter, living proof that acting isn’t as easy as the greats make it look.  Oh Total Non Stop Action Wrestling what has become of you?

In the fall of 2009 you were as consistently entertaining as any wrestling product since the end of the Attitude Era.  AJ Styles was defending the World Title against Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle was in a personal feud with Nigel McGuiness, Amazing Red and Homicide were going at it for the X Title, and the tag division saw the Dudley Boys wrapping up putting over Beer Money, the Motor City Machine Guns, and the British Invasion.

Now, what?  What exactly has Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff left behind? What can still be blamed on Vince Russo? EV 2.0, Fourtune, Immortal, Aces and Eights? They rely on faction warefare like Michael Bay relies on explosions. Name me the top five contenders in each division? Can the top five be named across every division? Belts don’t matter you say, okay. Name me the three storylines that Bound For Glory IX is being built and hyped around?

Hulk Hogan’s highlights in TNA were recently shown, not counting the pyro included in his entrances can you count how many on more than one hand? How many total highlights/successes were there in four years of his tenure?  I can’t believe how much good will that TNA and Dixie carter have spoiled over the years.

I used to be such a fan, such a defender, such an apologizer for TNA. I’ll still put their years 2005 and 2007 against WWE month by month, match by match, angle by angle.  But it isn’t the same company anymore, literally, it’s Impact Wrestling now.

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