Self Hypnotherapy a Start

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Stimulus Space Response
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ssrlogo2by @anarchyroll

I’ve written about where I/why I started in down my path of personal development and knowledge consumption. So naturally I’m not going to skip all the way to where I am presently and work my way backwards.

Over the last month I started listening to trance induction, paraliminal, multi layered audio recordings before going to sleep and/or after suffering any degree of a panic attack or bad mood.  A simpler way to say that although with just as many syllables is self hypnotherapy.

I like the majority of people confused hypnosis for entertainment, as it has been bastardized as such in the media for the last several decades. While learning about Richard Bandler and Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and hypnotherapy began coming up more and more. The name Milton Erickson kept coming up more and more as well.  I had heard of Erickson before while listening to an audio book by Tony Robbins.

I listen to the tracks with headphones, while laying down in bed, with the shades drawn, lights off, and a hot water bottle on my lower back.

After a couple of weeks I started getting hypnotized quicker and for longer periods of time. But that only lasted for a week.  Presently I still get hypnotized during each track, but the length and depth seems to be shorter/smaller.

Being hypnotized has helped me, though I realized after a few weeks I was hoping it would be the magic pill.  I made progress in the areas I wanted to make progress in. No doubt, I set external metrics for success and initially reached them, but then stagnated/hit a plateau.  However, the plateau was reached because I resisted pushing myself beyond my comfort zone in certain situations.

Since it is self hypnosis meaning I am doing it alone, and since I have no one there to help me “in the field” (despite requesting help from my five closest friends) I am left to try and push myself beyond my limits alone.  And if that were easy there would be no personal trainers, life coaches, dieticians, or need for police.  Self mastery is hard and smacking up against my limits, mental short comings, emotional scars, physical pains, and social paralysis everyday has worn me down a bit.

But the hypnotherapy fuels me up.  My discipline has increased, my efficiency has increased, myself talk is more positive, I am socializing more when I am out in the world, I am setting more goals, and achieving more goals.

I recommend everyone try it for a month, anything less than listening to a track once a day everyday for a month is useless.  The Sphinx of Imagination by Hypnotica was the first I ever tried. I have since listened to tracks by Jack Canfield, Richard Bandler, Carol Erickson, Richard Nognard, and a few others.  Look up NLP Hypnosis audio in a torrent search engine and try a couple for yourself…then purchase them if they work for you.  I think you’ll be surprised what self hypnotherapy will do for you.   More to come on this issue in the future…

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