So Sayeth the Spider Silva

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Sports Roll
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by @anarchyroll

Anderson Silva’s career is over. I would’ve been able to take some semblance of pleasure in writing that if he didn’t repeatedly redeem himself from the disgrace of a fight against Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi. If he would’ve broken his leg after that fight, his tombstone would read he was retired by karma. But that’s not what happened, post Chael Sonnen feud, Anderson Silva redeemed his reputation and legacy as the greatest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts (forgive me Fedor).

Silva’s injury (shown in above video) is as gruesome an injury as can occur in a sporting event. I saw it live at didn’t see the break until the replay, but I did notice the greatest mma fighter of all time throwing a simple low kick, then falling to ground, screaming in pain. I was equally sickened that the UFC went on business as usual, actually announcing Weidman as the winner with belt coronation by Dana White, then sending Joe Rogan to interview Weidman as if there was anything to intelligent to say. But UFC has learned much from WWE, and WWE has taught any live entertainment company that even if a performer falls from the top of the building to his death in front of your whole audience, scrape him off the mat, and keep moving forward.  Send a ham to the widow.

Anderson Silva was a prick for a few years, as many of the greatest of all time in their profession inevitably become for a little while. We can all thank Chael Sonnen for literally knocking some sense into him during their epic fight at UFC 117. Spider escaped that fight with his title and his pride, but thankfully left his ego behind. He became a gracious, quiet warrior, the perfect mma ambassador to the world. He netted the biggest sponsorship deals to date in the sport with Nike, Burger King, and Gatorade all putting logos on his flag and attire usually reserved for Tapout, Venom, and

The sport is better for Spider’s dominance, more popular and respected due to his one man dynasty. The sport is worse now that he is gone. He may make a comeback fight, but a full comeback is out of the question, it’s impossible, he’s 38 not 28. If he chooses to fight again hopefully Dana White and the UFC will have the dignity to give him a feeder like they chose to not do during Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture’s swan songs in the octagon.

Spider Silva was and is a model for athletes and savants of all walks of life. Great talent comes with great responsibility. Not a responsibility to satiate one’s ego, but to become as great as possible to be remembered in history and to inspire those in the present to be their best as well. Spider Silva got there after taking a detour to douchebagville. He leaves the sport of mma not just rich, not just a legend, but as of now the greatest of all time.

Now let’s all be sure to thank Dana White for booking the Spider vs. GSP super fight two years ago when it was the right thing for the sport to do and he repeatedly said he would.  Thanks Dana!!!

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