The Rise of Roman Who?

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Potato Shooter
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Have you heard the latest funny joke going around? It goes like this; Knock knock. Who’s there? Roman Reigns is going to be a main event player

No this isn’t going to be a shit on Roman Reigns blog.  Roman Reigns has a good attitude, an even better head of hair, and the best possible bloodlines for a professional wrestler to come from.  But let’s all pretend we aren’t ten year old marks for a minute and face some facts.

Roman Reigns is the third wheel of The Shield. How? Why? Well there is a reason Dean Ambrose got the US Title.  Seth Rollins is the third wheel you say? Well there is a reason Rollins (Tyler Black to some of us) was the FIRST ever NXT Champion.  Roman Reigns is the muscle, the enforcer, the guy who looks that much bigger next to two certified cruiserweights.  He has no discernible mic skills, and WWE knows this, it’s why he talks the least. He can’t carry a singles match by himself at the minor or major league level, and WWE knows this, it’s why he is the only one of the Shield to not win a singles title on the main roster or developmental.

The WWWF, WWF, WWE 50 year old big man bias will ensure he gets pushed ahead of Ambrose and Rollins?  Big E Langston is already IC Champion after all.  Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson both got the IC Title early, in Barrett’s case, often. Both were big and bred in developmental.  Barrett actually knows what to do with a mic and can carry a match.  Jackson had muscles in places not seen in Scott Steiner’s heyday.  But unless you’re the Great Khali you need talent to get the big belt.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally, LOVE superman punches and Samoan wrestlers.  But 1 +1 will always equal 2 no matter how many times you say 11 and force a laugh.  WWE’s middle aged marks are being blinded by Seth Rollins’ charisma and Dean Ambrose’s character oozing and shining through the screen.  As their vision comes back to them, in a dazed like state, they are confusing the shine that Ambrose and Rollins are putting on Reigns by osmosis for major league talent.

Roman Reigns is Jim Neidhart. Roman Reigns is James Storm. Roman Reigns is Arm Anderson.  Roman Reigns is Marty Jannetty.  Roman Reigns is  Jake Youngblood.  Roman Reigns is D Von Dudley.

What do all those names have in common? They were/are all GREAT complimentary players.  They were/are GREAT secondary acts.  They were/are GREAT mid card gate keepers.  I look forward to Roman Reigns taking Umaga‘s spot in the mid card.  Remember, as IC Champion Umaga was in the defacto WrestleMania 23 main event.  Reigns can be/do something like that.

But lead a generation? Hold the Undisputed Title? Be the face of the WWE?  Stop kidding yourself.  Again don’t get me wrong, we could all do a lot worse.  Bo Dallas anyone?

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