#Syria Treats Chemical Weapons Deadlines like its Civilians

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Anarchy Journal Constitutional
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by @anarchyroll

In case you missed it, the United States is NOT going to war with Syria. No planes, boats, or ground troops. Why? Because Secretary of State John Kerry accidently stated at a press conference that Syria could avoid military intervention by the US if they handed over every single chemical weapon they have.  So Syria took him up on the offer. This way they keep the US military off their backs and get to continue committing genocide against innocent civilians and protesters who took up arms when the military opened fire on them three years ago.

What is the news here? Syria missed their second consecutive deadline to hand over chemical weapons to the OPCW.  Shocker, the gruesome civil war is making it hard to transport chemical weapons safely. Not to mention the military personnel that would be doing the transporting are busy bombing civilians and adding to the already massive refugee crisis in the Middle East.

Less than 5% of the weapons have been handed over. According to the original agreement, by the February 5th deadline, the total should be around 90%.  There are only two more deadlines, with the last one in June essentially meant to be a time to light up victory cigars. If deadlines continue to be missed, something else involving Syria and the US may get lit up instead.

Russia is the key piece here, as they always have been. They are Syria’s largest trading partner and have been providing arms to Syria since the civil war began. Russia was a key player in getting Syria to ship their chemical weapons to Hague. It is Russia that must administer the pressure to abide by the deadlines, since Syria won’t listen to anyone else, especially the screams of the women and children the military is slaughtering daily.

Just don’t expect Russia to do anything about this anytime soon, after all, they have an Olympics to host and from what I’ve read, they need to divert as many resources as possible to get the piss out of the drinking water.

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