Ronda Rousey; Both #MMA Pioneer & Fraud

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Potato Shooter, Sports Roll
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potatoshooterlogosportsrollby @anarchyroll

The UFC creating a women’s division to exploit the sex appeal of Ronda Rousey, which make no mistake about it is what they’re doing, is the equivalent of NASCAR creating an all women’s driving circuit for Danica Patrick.

If you were surprised that the main event of UFC 170 was a disappointment, you haven’t been paying attention to the career of Ronda Rousey. Which is the norm, most mma fans (men) pay attention to her body as opposed to her body of work. The only entertaining fight Rousey has had was her rematch with Meisha Tate, and that fight came at after the first co-ed season of The Ultimate Fighter, cough cough.

I’m not trolling Rousey, she’s an Olympic medalist. She pays her taxes, she earns her money by putting her body through a rigorous training schedule, followed by putting in on the line in hand to hand combat. She is also a fraud, she is nothing more than Gina Carano with the ability to lock on an arm bar, against a field of competitors who don’t know how to defend it.

Just like how Royce Gracie was great in an era where fighters had no clue how to defend or attack ju jitzu. The difference of course is Royce had the balls or in the case of Rousey, courage to fight anyone in ANY weight class. Rousey, as you may or may not know, is ducking the real best female mixed martial artist in the world Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.

If Rousey is such a great, legendary, pioneer, why won’t she put on the ten pounds and fight Cyborg? Because Rousey is the champ? Sorry, both were Strikeforce champions and Dana White made the choice to hand Rousey a UFC Title at a press conference, as opposed to, oh I don’t know, a tournament or at least a fight to determine the champion.

If the UFC was serious about women’s MMA they would have either awarded both Rousey and Cyborg or made Rousey move up weight since Cyborg has been fighting longer and has a better professional record than Rousey. What does Rousey have going for her that Cyborg doesn’t? See picture below.

Ronda Rousey is a good person and is a women’s MMA pioneer because she has gotten over in the mainstream. But she was handed her title at a press conference and fights in a division of feeders, because there is no women’s MMA yet. Don’t believe me? Go ask Invicta FC what their average live attendance figures are.

Three, five, ten years from now women’s MMA will be vibrant and thriving. But not now. Now it is just a two woman sport. They are separated by ten pounds. One is hot, the other is not. And if you think for one second that Rousey isn’t being exploited and promoted for her sex appeal more so than her athletic ability…then I have a bridge and a time share I’d like to sell you.  Think I’m just a sexist? Well, then why does Rousey repeatedly talk about in interviews how having more sex before fights helps her get into better shape? The only male equivalent to that, is GSP talking about how his coaches make him stay abstinent during training.

Stop posing naked, stop talking about how fucking a lot makes you a better fighter, and fight the more established, better, less attractive fighter who is your equal or better, and people like me will have nothing but respect for Rousey. Until then, she’s just Danica Patrick with her own race track of amateur competition at best.

  1. S says:

    You seem to forget that Cyborg is a cheater that got caught using PEDs. You should do your research before you post a stupid article like this

    • anarchyroll says:

      Oh good, you see things differently. Variety of opinions are always welcome. I am up to speed on Cyborg’s PED case. At the time that came up she already had more MMA victories than Ronda Rousey has presently. So what you see as cheating by PED, I see as Rousey cheating by fighting NO competition, given feeder fights, and used as a promotional tool rather than an actual UFC Figther akin to Spider, GSP, Jose Aldo, Showtime Pettis, etc. But thank you for reading.

      • S says:

        Her reputation and victories are ruined because she’s a liar. Cyborg dug herself into a hole when she decided to have Tito Ortiz as her manegar. Dana White has already said he’s open to the idea of the fight as long as she can prove that she’s trustworthy but in my opinion, White will only be able to make money off of Cyborg for a minimum of 3 fights and then she would go back to Invicta because there’s no 145 in the UFC. Dana White is moneymaker and if he sees no continuous profit in Cyborg then he isn’t going to take that risk

  2. You were spot one, nice!

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