#Fukushima + #Robots = Death

Posted: April 9, 2016 in Frackishima
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By @anarchyroll

Robots aren’t radiation proof? Who woulda thunk it? Are humans radiation proof?

I guess we all think we are invisible until death touches our lives in some way.

Fukushima always grabs my attention whether I want it to or not. I just feel that nuclear meltdowns effect us all because we don’t live in a vacuum. I feel like living on a planet with so much irradiated material must in some way have an effect on our lives and our health.

When the radiation is strong enough to kill robots, designed to clean up nuclear waste…well I guess you could say my concerns haven’t quite been put at ease.

Japan Nuclear Robot Probe

Fukushima is on the other side of the world and no one seems to be panicking about it so why worry? I think people are just not thinking about it, because it is so worrying to think about the ramifications of Fukushima for just half a second.

I suppose that’s a part of life isn’t it? Not thinking about the things that scare us so that we can keep our shit together and keep moving forward on our own path.

There are some issues and events however that warrant the attention of the masses not just the few. I believe both the initial nuclear disaster, as well as the ripple effects in the wake of Fukushima warrant attention and media coverage on par with presidential elections and pro sports.

There is too much of a connection with nuclear accidents and cancer as well as nuclear power sites and cancer for Fukushima to limited to the island country of Japan.




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