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by @anarchyroll

The West Virginia chemical spill is the gift that keeps on giving, by gift, I mean knee in the proverbial testicles.  It turns out the effects of the chemical that spilled (MCHM) has NOT been tested in relation to its effects on humans.

Bad right? Ready for the good news? The effects aren’t even known to the company responsible for the spill. Not that they tested the chemical and suppressed the results, they never even did a study. The company that created the chemical (Eastman Chemical Company) did a study of the effects on rats, but hasn’t publicly disclosed the results before OR after the spill.

How is this possible? How is this legal? Because MCHM was “grandfathered” in when the Toxic Substances Control Act passed in 1976.  What is the point of regulation if there are 64 exemptions to it?

Lack of knowledge of the effects, no regulation, no labels or information provided to ordinary citizens…sounds like GMO foods to me. I guess Monsanto took their cues from DOW Chemical.