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by @anarchyroll

I will be watching the United States versus Belgium match in the World Cup in public tomorrow. The situation calls it. The event deserves to be watched in the public sphere with a large group of people.

I have never watched soccer at a bar, house party, or with more than one other person before for more than just a few minutes.

America has finally gotten soccer/fútbol to a point of social relevance. There are festival size public gatherings to watch the games in each of the three major media markets in the United States (NY, LA, CHI).

Disney and ESPN have been able to use their hype machine and production values to get enough people to care about the United States Men’s National Soccer Team. Having studied television, film, and video production I have so much respect for way the World Cup has been presented as visual art of the highest level. It really has been something to behold.

I played soccer as a youth for five years both indoors and outdoors. I loved playing goalie indoors and sweeper outdoors. My inner child is happy that soccer is becoming mainstream.

Maybe I’ll check out a Major League Soccer game this year…


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…