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by @anarchyroll

Nothing quite says business as usual in Washington DC like simply creating the illusion that change is being enacted. The latest chapter in the NSA bulk surveillance fallout thanks to Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing is the NSA trying to hand off and wash their hands of the metadata bulk collection to the FBI.  Republican Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin has become the legit face of the anti NSA movement for those who consider what Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden did wrong.

Sensenbrenner’s stance is very simple; “Bulk collection has never been authorized by Congress and I intend to stop this blatant abuse of the law.”

Privacy advocates and the ACLU object to FBI option, as well as the other four options being considered since the FBI’s history of abusing the civil rights of the American public is, quite ripe. A full breakdown of the proposal is available at The Guardian. That is the news source Greenwald was working at when he first interviewed Snowden in June which became the whistleblowing bananza.  So they are always a trustworthy source for most hard news stories internationally.