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Posted: October 1, 2013 in Excess and Algorithms
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by @anarchyroll
August 26th, 2013


Economics is not complicated, it’s taxing, pun intended. Studying the subject at a novice level reveals that the entire field is nothing more than a simple field purposely hidden under a camouflage tent of complicated sounding language. One must become familiar with these terms because they build upon each other, layer after layer after layer after layer until it is believed that only computer algorithms can be used to do the work of insiders and professionals that are hired by normal people because they just don’t want to think about it. Why? Because the terminology is so complex looking and sounded it makes someone who spends forty hours a week or more working a “normal” “day” job believe that they need someone to do it for them. Putting computers in charge of making trades by the millisecond was not a victory for simplicity either.


Studying economics and writing about it is as fun as it sounds, in that there is reward for the time invested, that reward is of course knowledge. There is a flood of knowledge available for consumption in the field  of business and economics, and it is almost too easy for one to drown in it.  I personally do not have a background in economics, I did not formally study it, I have not worked for a hedge fund, a brokerage, in New York trading stocks, or in Chicago trading options. I listened to The Warren Buffet Way on audio book and became fascinated with the field. Several books later I found myself compelled to regularly check websites like Reuters, Business Week, Bloomberg, The Economist, and CNBC so that I could regularly bathe myself in daily economics and market terminology.


So what is Excess and Algorithms? It is the business/economics blog for me, @anarchyroll. My other blogs feature my writings on hard news/journalism, pro wrestling/mma, philosophy/spirituality, and sports. I originally wanted each blog to be a separate website, but I got mentally buried in concern of the aesthetics/design of each one and used that as an excuse to procrastinate. So I’m going to start writing and posting content online and go from there. Eventually I would like to combine all five blogs into one website and present the material like a digital newspaper/magazine akin to VICE, Uproxx, and Kinja.


I am passionate about each subject I blog about and aspire to be a professional reporter/writer of. I received my bachelor’s degree in media communications from Northeastern Illinois University this past May. I want to make sure that I am applying what I have learned, that I am keeping my writing skills sharp, that I am staying productive as a person, and that I am working towards my overall goal achievement desires. Writing about economics truly tests me as a writer. Presenting the information in an easy to read manner for anyone regardless of education level is difficult and time consuming. Researching the articles takes hours and sometimes days.


I will be writing an article on quantitative easing in the coming week. I started doing research and before I knew it five hours had gone by and all I had was a thesis statement. This both exhausted and excited me, because I knew that I was challenging myself as a writer. Writing about wrestling/mma is easy for me. Writing about sports and philosophy are both easy for me. Writing about hard news as a journalist isn’t easy but isn’t hard because I have so much formal training in it. Writing about economics is as challenging as investing. I hope to learn as much about the investment world as I learn about myself as a writer. I will be buying the knowledge and information with my time and energy, then selling it to you at a discounted rate of a thousand words or less. Fair trade?

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