Edward Snowden : TIME’s Silver Medalist

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Anarchy Journal Constitutional
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by @anarchyroll

The 2013 Person of the Year issue of TIME magazine starts off with a literary hand job to the new pope. It uses quotes, pictures, and charts to shill to Catholics, namely Latino Catholics, to please buy TIME magazine because they love the new Pope. Truth be told, I like the new Pope too, ever since he publicly shit all over Reganomics/Trickle Down Economics. Its a like not a love because of the whole, you know, child molestation cover up thang. I know, I know he didn’t preside over it, but like Chase bank inherited the obligations of Bear Stearns…..

Anyhow, with the Pope getting the gold medal for Person of the Year, it certainly came as a shock that Edward Snowden came in second. The bronze went to Edith Windsor, the winning plantiff in the case that made it to the Supreme Court that enabled same sex marriage nationally.

To be fair to TIME, all three received the same treatment. The articles were each robust with pictures, statistics, graphs, charts, a listing of pros and cons of each POY candidate. Whoever at the magazine came up with the title Edward Snowden, The Dark Prophet is the person who gets my POY nomination.

If you can’t handle a long form piece, skip the the part of the article that highlights his direct quotes to understand Snowden and why he did what he did in his own words. Getting his perspective from his own words without being limited to the initial Guardian video is refreshing. It may not sway you to his side, because if you aren’t on his side, then you’re likely too old to be reading this blog or even knowing what one is.

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