Chem Spills: The OG #Fracking

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Anarchy Journal Constitutional
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by @anarchyroll

The chemical spill in West Virginia has been making a little news, as most environmental stories do, just a little bit of news. I am a believer in science, global warming, and am anti fracking. I believe fracking is short term thinking at its most despicable. Why? Because it contaminates the fresh drinking water! It makes it undrinkable, forever, much longer than the amount of time energy bills will be excessively high. 3/4 of the Earth is covered by water you say? True, but less than 1/3 is drinkable.

With all of the news fracking has been making locally and internationally, chemical spills can some time be forgotten. But the spill that has seeped into the drinking water near Charleston, leaving 300,000 people without drinkable water has brought the concept back into the spotlight of the current news cycle. Let’s hope it stays there for a while…the attention, not the chemicals contaminating the groundwater.

The POTUS declared a state of emergency almost as fast as the state’s governor, that is what you would call rare.  As I’m writing this, four people have been hospitalized, 32 have sought medical treatment, and I guarantee those numbers will go up. Everything vital to being human involves water. And 300,000 people have had it taken from them. The federal government and armed forces are deploying water like we deploy food to places in Asia hit by tsunamis, here in America.

This contamination has been brought to you by Freedom Industries… quaint.

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