#AngryBirds, Killing Time & Privacy since 2009

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Anarchy Journal Constitutional
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by @anarchyroll

I’ve never downloaded a game onto my smart phone. No I’m not being pretentious, my overuse of social media, online dating, email, and news apps makes me no better than those who spends their days killing time Gatling gun style via game apps. Angry Birds honestly never appealed to me, neither did Farmville, Words with Friends, or anything Zynga related.

I’m sure the NSA has my metadata, along with yours, under digital lock and key by now. I only started being cautious with my web usage like two years ago, much too late in the game.  The privacy concern equivalent of wanting to buy a VHS this past Christmas.

It gave me a minor chuckle, and an even bigger headache to hear that the NSA has been using Angry Birds as a patsy for bulk collection of meta data through smart phone applications.  With reportedly $1 billion spent, I guess it should come as no surprise that the NSA and GCHQ (the UK’s NSA equivalent) is able to scoop up this information at will as well as “monitor YouTube and social media traffic in real-time” of anyone accessing the internet in any way on any device. No joke, didn’t 1984 have something just like that?

Look on the bright side, you know you should have uninstalled these games off your phones months ago.

But remember, thinking or saying to yourself or out loud; oh the hell with it, it’s done might as well go about my business anyway, is what they want. Why return to feudalism when peoples’ ego, cynicism, and self defeatism castrates their power voluntarily with the illusion of knowledge empowerment?

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