#GlobalWarming Turns Deadly in India

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Frackishima
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1 Degree Celcius = 34 Degrees Farenheit

by @anarchyroll

Discussing the weather is something that I prefer not to do in general. Namely because I live in an area surrounded demographics who complain about the weather regardless of the season, temperature, humidity percentage, or precipitation level.

But when you care about global warming and climate change, reading and writing about the weather becomes unavoidable.

Climate change is also becoming an unavoidable topic for a growing percentage of the general population. Consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly unavoidable for a growing percentage of the population living near a coastline or the Equator.

Take the second largest democracy in the world for instance, India.

Where temperatures averaging 119 degrees has 330 million people in danger heatstroke, dehydration, and other heat related health threats.

The record draught caused by the record heat has already caused hundreds of farmers to kill themselves due to drastically reduced or completely eliminated crop yields.

Hundreds of millions of people in danger and death due to drastically reduced resources. These two things will soon become the norm for the majority of the planet rather than a minority. Although saying 300 million people are a minority looks weird to read, feels weird to type, and sounds weird to say. But if global warming continues as is.

It is easy to dismiss this news and to not care. Those are parts of the human condition. To not care unless we are in direct danger. India is far away. To go there feels like you’re on a different planet let alone a different country. But as far away as it is, as different as the people and culture may be. If their plight seems unrealistic for say Americans enjoying the start of summer, why don’t we ask the people of California how unrealistic and far away dangers from rising temperatures and draught are

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