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By @anarchyroll

For as much money as the X Men movie franchise has netted over the last two decades, one would think they would have a better reputation and wouldn’t be in need of saving. But that is exactly where the franchise found itself heading into Logan this past spring.

Logan recently had its home release, coming out on Blu Ray, digital download, etc. I saw it in the theater and absolutely loved it from the opening blood bath, to the bloodier climax, to the era ending book end as the credits rolled.

The movie got lots of press and lots of positive reviews that were both well-earned in my opinion. One thing that I didn’t see get much coverage was the fact that the movie was not a take on the Old Man Logan graphic novel but was rather a classic “What If” or alternate version/universe comic book. My personal favorite series of alternate universe comic books were the Marvel vs DC crossover comics from the mid 90s.

Logan was a critical and commercial smash hit. Something the X Men franchise desperately needed. One has to wonder if the movie’s success will bring about more alternate universe comic book movies going forward. What other franchise(s) could benefit from abandoning their current story arc/ timeline and making a stand a lone film with the same characters but in a completely different story arc?


Doing this would immediately eliminate the need to constantly remake origin story movies as has been seen ad nauseum in the Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and X Men movie franchises. That alone makes this concept worth moving forward on. It would certainly draw in more fans that are often scarred away from seeing comic book movies over the dread of having to sit through yet another origin story.

Alternate universe films would spice things up and could resurrect dead franchises. The Fantastic Four immediately comes to mind. Why not just abandon another reboot and just make a film where they are in space dealing with Galactus? A dormant franchise like Blade could benefit from this as well. Whether Wesley Snipes returns or the role is recast, forget retelling the birth of Blade, just drop the audience into Blade doing work. Put the origin story in the trailer or as a mini film on YouTube and let the movie be balls to the wall from open to close.

More comic book movies can be made using alternate universes, just like is done with comic books. How many timeline versions of Batman, Captain America, The Avengers, and Green Lantern are currently in circulation? Alternate universes would allow stand alone Iron Man, Cyborg, Hulk, Green Lantern, X Men, etc movies to be made while Avengers and Justice League movies are being made. Why does only one actor/actress have to play Tony Stark or Diana Prince?

Would this over saturate the market? I ask you, how many comic book movies actually come out each year? Compared to horror movies, rom coms, and CGI animated kids movies?

Fox has essentially started moving forward on this concept over the past three years. Days of Futures Past and Old Man Logan are two of the better alternate universe comic book series’ in history. Marvel is balancing standalone franchises with each individual member of The Avengers between each super film. Tying the individual films into the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe story arc is both an entertaining and financially successful archetype.

With the financial backing of Disney, and such a vast amount of profit earned, Marvel can financially and creatively afford to take the risk of releasing alternate universe movies concurrently. DC might have to wait a few years to reestablish their credibility with the movie going public. Though the wild success of Wonder Woman might allow them to start earlier if they want.

Something tells me this is inevitable with the way the entertainment/ media industry is evolving. Netflix and The CW having their own comic book worlds of secondary characters is likely just a long-term test for the A listers to have; high budget super hero, slow burn narrative, action adventure, television shows in the spirit of Game of Thrones.

The tipping/saturation point for comic book movies and tv shows has not come close to being reached. The numbers don’t lie. People wont go see any comic book movie if it is poorly made and receives more reviews. However, one need only look at the highest grossing movies for each year over the past decade to see that there is a vast, loyal, paying audience for comic book movies. Having comic book characters played by different actors and actresses in alternate universes, made and released concurrently is the next logical step for the genre.


by @anarchyroll

What do the following movies have in common?

  • Superman III
  • Rambo III
  • Godfather III
  • Lethal Weapon 3
  • Batman Forever
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  • Blade Trinity
  • Spiderman 3
  • X-Men The Last Stand
  • The Dark Knight Rises

They are film franchises that shit the bed when they attempted to go from sequel to trilogy.

A quality trilogy is really hard to come by.

Really think about it, how many quality trilogies are there where all three movies are good? Not just two out of three, but all three.

The original Star Wars trilogy comes to mind for most. One’s cap can certainly be tipped to Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Die Hard, and Evil Dead. But those are all decades old franchises. I would say the nearest #3 movie to round out a quality trilogy is Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was an army of one flying that flag.


Captain America Civil War stands on the shoulders of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been created over the last decade. The movie relies and builds upon the films, tv shows, and digital shorts that make up the MCU. One might think that an entire universe of characters, situations, and continuity wouldn’t be necessary to follow-up a good sequel with an even better #3, but considering the list above…

With that in mind, one would think that fans and fanboys alike would be thrilled that DC is adopting the MCU paradigm for their future major motion pictures. However, I was unable to read a review for Civil War without a sidebar if not the bulk of the review being dedicated to not praising Civil War, but tearing down Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice.

The MCU as of this writing consists of twelve films and two television shows. The film universe for Detective Comics has one film and…one film. Let’s at least wait until the DCU has a quarter of the storyline continuity established on the big screen before we compare the two.

Captain America Civil War can easily lay claim to being the greatest comic book movie of all time. The movie gets so many things right on so many levels. The airport fight scene is easily the most pure, most sustained fun a comic book movie has ever produced.

Marvel prefers their movies to be more fun and funny. DC is going with the darker more serious route. I prefer the big two comic book companies have their movies be more different, rather than similar.

The Captain America franchise has knocked it out of the park at every turn. Much like how The Dark Night was the bests comic book movie sequel, Civil War is easily the best #3. The three films combined make Captain America easily the best comic book trilogy to date and is definitely in the category of best film trilogy of all time. None of the movies have dropped the ball in the slightest.

It’s only fitting that the head of The Avengers leads the way for the rest of the comic book world by showing that it is indeed possible to make a great trilogy rather than leaving the fans to be forced to say two out of three ain’t bad.


by @anarchyroll

Holy Howard the Duck was Guardians of Galaxy a good comic book movie!

The first time I heard of Guardians of the Galaxy was when the trailer debuted online earlier this year.



This film is yet another example that Marvel Studios does way more right than wrong and that all Marvel intellectual properties should be developed for the silver screen by Marvel and NOT third-party like Sony (Spiderman) or 2oth Century Fox (X-Men).

I saw the movie with a friend who owns all but two issues of Guardians ever printed. He informed me that the film was as true to the source material as any comic book movie that has come before it. That is another reason why Marvel Studios needs to make all Marvel movies. It is important that comic book movies be very close to their source material, more so than novels. Why?

My friend @TheFantom says it all the time and it’s truer each time I hear it; comic books are colorized, fully fleshed out, movie storyboards.

That doesn’t mean each comic book movie needs to be a shot for shot live action version of a comic. Hollywood needs to be able to do its thing and take creative license with the source material. But maybe let’s have one comic book movie that is a live action storyboard and see how it does in the theaters. It can’t do any worse than Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern disaster.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the opposite of disappointing. It was everything I want out of a summer blockbuster movie in general, and out of a comic book movie specifically. It had awesome action, great comedy, and intense drama all in the right places of a film that was neither too short or too long.

The opening scene of the movie is intense human drama, the very next scene is a comedic, musical, action scene. That sentence basically sums up Guardians of the Galaxy. The film does a good job at touching upon the full range of human emotions. I think that many women who don’t like comic book movies or big budget action movies would like this film for that very reason; the full range of emotions get their buttons pressed.

So whether you’re a casual movie fan or the human version of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, Guardians of the Galaxy will find a way to suck you into the screen and entertain you, regardless of whether you paid the extra fee for 3D. And these days, at these prices, that is all I ask of a movie.