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By @anarchyroll

What is it about important events that will actually effect all of humanity that allows it to fly under the radar? It doesn’t bleed so I guess it doesnt lead. It’s easy to blame the gatekeepers of information but in the era of internet news, is there such a thing as news/information gatekeepers?

Humans do not like thinking about their mortality. We hate acknowledging the fact that we will die. We spend billions of dollars trying to delay death and even more trying to look not as near death as we are. I suppose its natural that we also don’t want to think about the end of the world.

Just like how we are all guaranteed death, the Earth is guarenteed to meet its end one day. That day is incomprehensibly far in the future. However, the world ending and the world being uninhabitable for human beings are two very different things.


Hearing or reading about things like rising sea levels, coral bleaching, and global warming doesn’t shout out apocalypse. The Earth has withstood much worse than all three of those forces combined. Which is true. Global warming on steroids wont be the end of the Earth. The massive disruption in the food chain caused by coral bleaching wont come anywhere near the end of the world.

But apocalyptic scare tactics have never been the point of bring environmental news to the forefront of people’s attention. The Earth will be just fine. But will it be inhabitable for humans? That is a whole other story and is the issue at hand when environmentalists and NASA ring the alarm about carbon dioxide in the air, acidity in the sea and draughts on land.

We all love Earth, but we love ourselves more. Distracting ourselves from our problems is a natural part of the human condition. Without memes and gifs my slow work days would be soul dissolving. But the distractions must not continue to overshadow the purpose when we are reaching external benchmarks for disaster such as the carbon dioxide tipping point.



frackishimalogo1ajclogo2by @anarchyroll

October has shifted from orange to pink in the last decade.

From changing leaf colors and pumpkins to pins and ribbons. October has gone from candy and lingerie rebranded as costumes to charity walks and fundraisers.

As the son of a woman who beat breast cancer only to have return for round two, I am more than happy that every sports league and basically every public company in America fall in line with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In America, the defacto face of breast cancer awareness has been Susan G. Komen. They are quite literally the biggest and, as it has come out in recent years, the baddest charity in the field.

Komen hasn’t been able to avoid controversy in recent years. Their nobility and angel status has been deflated, and rightfully so. Charities are meant to be charities, six figure profit hubs for greedy CEOs. I remember my mother telling me, with her hospital gown still on that she wanted nothing to do with the Komen charity years before any of the multiple scandals broke out. I thought she was being stubborn and crazy, apparently she was just ahead of the curve.

What does Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Susan G. Komen have to do with environmental news and/or fracking?  How about at $100,000 deal between Komen and a oil services/fracking company to sell pink, franchised, model fracking drill bits?!! No, I’m not joking.

Which is worse; fracking or breast cancer?

My life has been touched by breast cancer. My giver of life suffers continuously from the disease physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. My entire immediate family has been effected by breast cancer.

My mother and my family are important to me and what is important to one individually does not trump the larger scale importance of the amount of drinkable water to society or civilization at large.

The negative effects of breast cancer, as personally devastating as a cancer diagnosis is to a family and/or to a community. The effects of having massively poisoned/contaminated drinking water can effect entire states, countries, and continents.

Susan G. Komen being in bed with a fracking company is as despicable as it gets. There is no lesser of two evils here. Just evil.