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by @anarchyroll

It was all explained to me as the convergence of breeding and biotechnology, kinda like all those new condoms Trojan has been marketing for the last few years.

What is mutagenesis?It is a method of growing crops, using simulated and synthetic versions of what the sun does naturally, thus creating herbicide resistant crops. Who uses it? Monsanto (of course), DuPont, BASF, and Syngenta. When did it start? 1959 was a specifically stated year by Bloomberg Businessweek. Post WWII military to private research and development era is a safe assumption to make. Where? Japan and the good old US of A are the predominant places for this chemically assisted fertile soil. Why do you need to know about mutagenesis? It is unregulated and is where companies like Monsanto will go to exclusively if GMO labeling becomes required by law.  If that doesn’t make you think or cringe, I got one more for you. The amount of money made on mutant plants is officially tracked by the United Nations’ NUCLEAR Techniques in Food and Agriculture program.

Repeat that last line out loud a few times to yourself, then to someone else, then act accordingly.