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by @anarchyroll

Did you know the United Nations said that Detroit is violating the human rights of their citizens?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental rights in America. So if that is actually true, and we can’t live without water, is water a right? The water companies in Detroit don’t think so and have been shutting off water supplies to delinquent customers.

The problems of the urban dystopia that is Detroit are pretty well-known. But I don’t think most people in America thought the situation in Detroit was worthy of the attention of the United Nations. Since we are in the United States of America after all, it is hard to fathom human rights violations worth of the attention of international governing bodies could be allowed to occur here. Well, welcome to the new normal.

Why are so many people (up to 30,000) so behind on their water bills that they are having access to it turned off? Maybe it has something to do with the 119% increase in cost as the city inches closer and closer to privatization of utilities.

As horrific as the situation in Detroit is, what is even scarier than municipalities and private corporations literally denying access to the essence of life to their citizens, is that the problems with water in Detroit is soon to become the rule not just an exception.

by @anarchyroll

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When 10,000 gallons of an understudied, hazardous chemical leaks into both the water supply and water treatment system for 300,000 people, there are no happy endings. But in America, getting paid is a happy ending, especially for those who live paycheck to paycheck in place of seeking their unique purpose in the world. 20 lawsuits have already been filed related to the West Virginia Chemical Spill that took place last month.

The water utility company, chemical manufacturer (of MCHM), as well the now notorious Freedom Industries (the chemical company whose physical holding companies leaked) are all named in various lawsuits that will likely be compiled into one large class action suit akin to what Gulf Coast residents did with BP after the Deep Water Horizon oil leak.

Freedom has already filed for bankruptcy ahead of the pending litigations against them. If we’re all lucky perhaps Freedom’s current president Gary Southern and ex con ex president Carl Kennedy III will go to jail instead of having their bank accounts raided.

Hopefully the business owners, workers, and anyone who drank, cooked, or bathed in that water will get a payday to pay their current and future massive medical bills related to the poison their bodies brought in.

And maybe other states who publically criticize regulation of industry, as West Virginia was known to do, will learn the lessons of those in the meat packing industries at the turn of the 20th century. Without government regulation, industry will kill and destroy anything and everything around them to make and keep profit.