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by @anarchyroll

Did you know you could poison the drinking water for 300,000 people and the only penalty you’ll face will be an $11,000 fine?

Freedom Industries is the company responsible for the West Virgina Chemical Spill that took place in January. 10,000 gallons of the chemical MCHM (used in coal production) spilled into a river that was the main source of fresh drinking water for 300,000 civilians in West Virgina across nine counties in the western part of the state. They have been fined $11,000 by the Labor Department of the federal government.

Freedom Industries has since filed for bankruptcy, and a bill regulating chemical tanks has been passed in the wake of the spill. But $11,000 as a penalty for leaving 300,000 people without drinkable water for ten days?

My attention is pulled towards stories that involve mass poisoning of fresh water. A vast minority of the amount of water on planet Earth is drinkable. We can’t survive as a species without fresh water. Yet we seem content with having the essence of life poisoned at a rate that could be classified as habitual and doing virtually nothing about it. What does that say about us?

Poisoning the essence of life should at least carry a penalty similar to a DUI. I know people who have gotten DUI’s who have had to pay more than $11,000 when it was all said and done. Is drinking and driving a vehicle on an empty road in the middle of the night worse than poisoning water for 300,000 people?

40 people were sent to the hospital from drinking or simply being exposed to the contaminated water. If I did something that sent 40 people to the hospital, would I not face a penalty more severe than an $11,000 fine?

There is no law without order and no order without law. If people can get away with stealing, murder, and rape then it has been shown throughout history that people will murder, steal, and rape vastly more than if there are immediate and severe consequences for those evil actions.

I certainly classify poisoning water as an evil action, do you?

If we continue to let companies and corporations break the law without having to worry about the consequences everyday people have to worry about, why do we think they’ll do the right thing and follow the laws/rules? Do we think that for profit corporations will engage in a thought and decision-making process in a way that is evolved beyond human nature?

The Supreme Court has said that corporations are people. If companies and corporations are people, then shouldn’t we¬† punish them for hurting people the way we punish individuals for hurting people?



by @anarchyroll

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When 10,000 gallons of an understudied, hazardous chemical leaks into both the water supply and water treatment system for 300,000 people, there are no happy endings. But in America, getting paid is a happy ending, especially for those who live paycheck to paycheck in place of seeking their unique purpose in the world. 20 lawsuits have already been filed related to the West Virginia Chemical Spill that took place last month.

The water utility company, chemical manufacturer (of MCHM), as well the now notorious Freedom Industries (the chemical company whose physical holding companies leaked) are all named in various lawsuits that will likely be compiled into one large class action suit akin to what Gulf Coast residents did with BP after the Deep Water Horizon oil leak.

Freedom has already filed for bankruptcy ahead of the pending litigations against them. If we’re all lucky perhaps Freedom’s current president Gary Southern and ex con ex president Carl Kennedy III will go to jail instead of having their bank accounts raided.

Hopefully the business owners, workers, and anyone who drank, cooked, or bathed in that water will get a payday to pay their current and future massive medical bills related to the poison their bodies brought in.

And maybe other states who publically criticize regulation of industry, as West Virginia was known to do, will learn the lessons of those in the meat packing industries at the turn of the 20th century. Without government regulation, industry will kill and destroy anything and everything around them to make and keep profit.