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by @anarchyroll

When people think of water pollution, what comes to mind? Maybe visions of sewage run offs, industrial plants, oil spills, etc?

I was certainly surprised to learn that “industrial agriculture is among the leading causes of water pollution in the United States today.

Farms? Really? Must be corporate farms then right? Wrong. Only 4% of farms in the United States are corporate farms.

So the lonely people using need to get their shit together. Literally, manure stored in silos and lagoons spilling into streams, rivers, and other bodies of water during storms. But animal waste/byproduct isn’t half as bad as the hormones and antibiotics that are seeping into fresh water supplies.

That’s right, it’s not just hipsters who want grass-fed beef for their steaks and burgers. You see folks, farmers pump hormones and antibiotics either into the animals directly or into their food supply so they’ll grow faster and won’t get sick before they’re slaughtered. This means farmers can make more money by having a higher quantity of physically larger meat and poultry sources. This is why there are so many fast food places with cheap burgers and chicken sandwiches and why organic, grass-fed beef and poultry is more expensive. Animals fed grass are smaller and take longer to mature.

Now the vast majority of ‘Mericans don’t care about what their meat is fed before they eat it. They want more chicken nuggets and bigger burgers as cheap and as often as possible. How else can every fast food place have a dollar menu after all?

However, the hormones and antibiotics that are getting into the rivers and streams are starting to mutate the wildlife.

If the fish are getting mutated, what is happening/going to happen to human beings who come into contact with this water?

frackishimalogo1ajclogo2by @anarchyroll

Are there people who don’t know that humans can’t survive without drinkable water? No matter how much money a person may have, they will die without drinkable water just as quickly as a person living in poverty. Fracking poisons our drinkable water and it was recently revealed fracking is poisoning even more water than originally thought or reported.

In addition to that horrendous fact, it has come to light that the federal government has failed to even inspect fracking sites and equipment in high risk contamination sites.

Neither economic booms to local economies or job creation are worth the poisoning of the essence of life. No one person’s ability to provide for their family is as important or more important to the greater population of their race if their job threatens the ability for the species to survive. Fracking companies at large and fracking workers individually should be ashamed of themselves and should be publicly shamed for what they are doing. We are talking about possibilites or probabilites of what may or may not, can or can not happen. Fracking IS poisoning our drinking water, the real world, in real-time, in the present.

Did oil and gas companies get tired of poisoning water with oil spills for 25 years?

The negatives of fracking are different from other environment movement. It’s not like clean energy or climate change debates. The negative effects of fracking are happening now! If we poison the fresh water supplies, we’ll all be dead before the sea levels can rise 10 feet due to polar ice cap melting. The ramifications of fracking won’t be felt in 20 years or in a century. They are being felt now. Fracking must be banned now. Otherwise clean water becomes the new oil. The main difference being a person won’t die in three or four days without gas to put in their car.